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About Asteria

Asteria is a Stockholm based fin-tech start-up developing AI-powered smart cash flow management technology for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)

We are on a mission to provide SMEs with access to a powerful cash management system that today is used exclusively by large enterprises.

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Our goal is to create a scalable and SME-centric service that will enable our clients to achieve a higher degree of resilience in their business operations. We are making Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible and banking amazing.

The company was established in 2016 and, since then, has managed to build a strong business network around its service concept: Asteria Smart Cash Flow. The first major partner was Swedbank.


Each year, thousands of SMEs across Europe suffer substantial cash flow problems. Late invoice payments, bank reconciliation and manual planning cause an administrative and financial burden.

To tackle these challenges, businesses need to manage their cash flow properly. The optimal pathway is to link the accounting software with bank accounts and apply AI, to deliver real-time knowledge about the financial status of the company and anticipate cash flow problems. There are solutions of these types developed for large corporations. The SME sector remains heavily underserved in this respect.

Asteria Smart Cash Flow (“SCF”) is a unique service that leverages the power of big data and AI to understand the cash flow situation of any SME, highlight liquidity stress and provide the right advice at the right moment.

The AI engine uses data from online accounting/ERP software and bank accounts to make well-informed assumptions about future accounts payable, accounts receivables, cash/card payments, transactions, etc.

The accuracy and precision of forecasting are continually improved thanks to the data from a growing user base. The end-user value is clear: better insight into the operational and cash-flow situation of a company with minimal administrative burden, making businesses more resilient and aware of their financial status.


Meet the team

avatar sixten

Sixten Grevesmühl

Chief Technology Officer

avatar daniel

Daniel Lauding

Lead Product Design

avatar lano

Anders Nordkvist


avatar anya

Anna Saykova

Software Tester

avatar max

Max Saykov

Lead Backend Developer


Carl Bodlund


avatar andrew

Andrew Samoilov

Junior Software Engineer

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