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Smart Cash Flow for SMEs

With our AI-driven cash flow forecasting, you can enable your SMEs to unlock powerful insights which can help them make well-informed decisions and unlock new opportunities.

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Asteria Smart Cash Flow

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Unlock the power of AI-driven cash flow forecasting and unlock opportunities with insights. We are on a mission to give SMEs access to the same powerful cash management system that is currently used by large enterprises.


Smart Cash Flow integrated with your online banking experience for a seamless customer experience.

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Save time and money with a finance department in your pocket! No surprises: Foresee what could hurt your business tomorrow. Gain a clear picture of your business with numerous data sources. Unlock potential outcomes with "What-If" moments.


Banks struggle to meet the needs of small businesses, while these companies often lack financial support. Our cash flow solution provides the bridge between them. It uses the latest financial technologies to help SMEs thrive and gives them the resources they need to grow. Meanwhile, banks can offer personalized services to support SME success.

Tailored Financial Solutions for your SME's Needs

Are you a bank looking to better serve your SME clients with tailored financial solutions that meet their unique needs? Look no further!

With Asteria Smart Cash Flow, we provide comprehensive financial services designed to fit the exact requirements of your SMEs. Our custom-tailored solutions ensure that you can find the perfect financial service for your SME client.



Short-term funding to fill a temporary cash shortfall.

This type of funding can be used to cover expenses such as payroll, inventory, and other operational costs until more stable or long-term financing options can be secured.


Factoring can help ensure that your SME's has the necessary funds to grow and thrive.

Our easy-to-use platform allows you them to access the funds they need quickly, without any hassles.




With our smart FX solution, your customers can stay ahead of currency fluctuations and manage your risks more efficiently.

Thanks to our automated system, you can monitor and manage your FX transactions in real time, so they always have a clear view of where their money is going.

Get all your transactions combined

When you connect your business software to improve your cash flow, all your transactions are combined in one place. This means you can easily see all the money coming in and going out without having to manually track it all.

This saves you time and helps you make better decisions about your business finances. It's like having a clear, organized picture of your money that you can use to make smarter choices.


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Instant financial border removal



How Swedbank reinvented the relationship with their SME's

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Smart Cash Flow on top of the Online Banking Experience with our white label widget. Get the look and feel of your brand and company.

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