Can you trust your account balance?

Have a clear picture how your business goes on a daily updated basis.

Understand the health of your business.

  • No, Asteria Smart Cash Flow can provide you with a great forecast just on bank account information and transactions. However, for optimal experience and better forecast accuracy we do recommend that you connect your accounting software.

  • You can’t. Asteria Smart Cash Flow is not a standalone software solution but is hosted together with our partner banks and accounting software providers.

  • The forecast accuracy is primarily depending on two variables. The amount of data and the type of business you have. Certain types of businesses are per definition more volatile and difficult to forecast. Asteria Smart Cash Flow will then highlight the most unpredictable elements of your Cash Flow and will then ask for your input with the adjustable tool.

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No need to check and combine numerous sources - save time & money on accounting & administration

Cool – feels like being CEO much cheaper and easier to manage!

Creating WOW-moments for SME customers.

Service hundreds of clients and always know who to call & when Know which customer really needs help and ”how". No need for preparation calls and meetings! With one view understand what is going on and provide smart & actionable advice Be better and faster prepared for client interactions”.  No need to ask the client for dozens of documents! Exceed your sales targets with tailored offers with no bureaucracy Have relevant stuff to tell and suitable products to offer“. Just one click and you´ll create WOW-Moments for your customer!

Reduce costs per sme client and increase sales numbers Make my SME business more profitable. Creating wow-moments for sme and position yourself as guiding sme bank Meet higher customer expectations. Be perceived as a partner who creates true value for sme even when times are tough

More than just accounting Help your customers truly understand their Cash Flow, and where it is headed. Creating wow-moments for your customers and position yourself as guiding accounting software Meet higher customer expectations. Be percieved as a partner who creates true value for SME’s even when times are tough. Fast return on investment. Finished basic components and modular design ensure rapid implementation without programming Easy integration of bank GUIs / 3rd party apps and their core banking environment via APIs. Minimal integration effort into your core banking environment due to high compatibility (APIs) and flexible integration plug-ins.

Who’s creating true value with us?




Key factors to enable growth for small to mid-sized companies are to make time consuming business administration and financial planning processes more efficient and simplified. Swedbank and Asteria have therefore joined forces to build up the next generation of digital banking services to support the corporate customers within this segment.

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IBM Cloud

Forecasting for SME

To help small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with liquidity management and planning, Asteria created a smart cashflow service running on scalable IBM® Cloud™ infrastructure. With its IBM Cloud solution, the company can work in a flexible, open-source development framework while also addressing customer needs for security-rich data hosting.

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