How Swedbank reinvented the relationship with their SME's

by implementing Cash Flow management into their online bank

Swedbank is Sweden's largest bank for Small Businesses

Available for Swedbank and Sparbankerna (Swedish Savings Banks)

Treyd's solution works best for inventory and stock that is destined for sale as finished products or near-finished products.




Use case

Business Finance Manager & Cash Flow Management Tool



Managing and understanding cash flow for Small Business are complex


Bringing Cash Flow management close to small business daily banking


White labelled Cash Flow management tool launched in online bank

The need for real-time data is growing more important, that applies to the world of trade finance.

Treyd, a leader in digital trade finance therefore wanted an automated integration into their customers accounting software.

This enabled Treyd to have a complete view of their customers financial situation and make the most informed decisions. But most importantly, it enables Treyd to give their clients faster service.


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Peter Beckman - CEO Treyd

Video in Swedish


Small business customers can connect their company to the service under 'Företagskollen' in the new version of their internet bank

Fast credits

Tailored made banking services at the right time. Take instant action on potential overdraft needs or currency risks.

Marketing campaign

Swedbank did a marketing campaign where they highlight Företagskollen as a new digital service in the internet bank and launch it widely for all corporate customers. Static and interactive material was shown on all major news publications, YouTube and social media.

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